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Horse Trainer & Nutritionist

A deep commitment and passion for horses was instilled in George from an early age. George was raised on a 250 horse breeding and training farm in California, where he was sculpted by great trainers and veterinarians into the knowledgeable horseman and clinician he is today. He has trained and developed numerous horses and riders that have become champions in a variety of disciplines as well as wonderful partners.

George’s desire to produce top performance horses and meticulous horse care naturally lead him down the path of horse nutrition. Through extensive course work and in close collaboration with veterinarians, George has developed a comprehensive and individualized approach to equine nutrition.

George also has an affinity for rehabilitating horses. He enjoys the redeveloping of the laid-off equine athlete and watching them return to athletic performance in more superior form than pre-injury. 

This multifaceted approach is what sets George Aguel and Caliber Equine aside from other training and rehabilitation programs.

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Barn Manager

Sophia is the facility coordinator at Caliber Equine. She has brought the organization and management skills of the corporate world to the barn. Her roll is a multifaceted one.  She oversees the comprehensive individualized schedules for each horse, runs the internship program, and helps with the exercising and grooming of the horses.

Sophia’s goal at Caliber Equine is to create the best experience possible for both horse and rider.  She understands that building the ultimate equine partnership takes patience and consistency. Owners can rely on Sophia to keep them up to date on their horses and well informed about barn activities.

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Dr. Echols owns and operates Perfect Balance Veterinary Service. Her mobile clinic is focused on equine dentistry, sports medicine and lameness.   She works closely with the Caliber Equine staff to ensure each horse is provided the proper individualized care to develop a healthy and sound equine athlete.   Dr. Echols has state of the art on board imaging for radiology, ultrasonography, endoscopy as well as a wide variety of innovative treatment modalities. Dr. Echols ensures that every Caliber horse has the ability to perform to it’s highest potential.

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